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About Beta Dogs Dog Training

Our Facilities


Beta Dogs Dog Training is owned and run by Caroline Parker.  Caroline is Head Trainer, Accounts Manager and Chief Dog Patter. She has over 17 years' experience training and working with dogs and has handled thousands of dogs over this time.

Beta Dogs Dog Training commenced in Melbourne in 2008 and has been training dogs in the Ballarat region since moving here in 2011.  Our mission is to help dogs and their humans have the best relationship possible, especially rescues which often come into people's homes with behavioural issues and a complete lack of training.


The training method we use has been developed by the Alpha Canine Group and works with canine psychology, trainer observation, and over 50 combined years of experience.  Using the Alpha method we teach you to show leadership and build trust between handler and dog.

Originally I joined Alpha Dog Training in 2001 as a customer because Raffi, my newly adopted rescue dog, was cheeky, nippy and out of control.  Like many of my own customers, I wasn't enjoying walking him and he was taking over the household.  The training advice I gained at Alpha made a world of difference, and we soon became a good team.

Moving on a few years to 2007 I found myself in need of a creative outlet, a hobby as an anodyne to the stresses of my office job.  Again I looked to Alpha because they were running a Trainers Course which seemed the perfect outlet and contrast to my office job.

Needless to say, I found my niche.  I quit the Travel Industry and worked hard to train my dog up to Advanced level.  Sadly Raffi became very ill and passed away and I acquired Mayra (mini Foxie/ Jack Russell cross) and then Chui (Koolie cross) to train up as my demo dogs.  More recently, Indie (Border Collie) has joined the team and is the perfect example of a high-drive working dog who needed guidance and rules.

Whilst I was completing my Traineeship with Alpha, I also worked at the Alpha Boarding and Training Kennels for 18 months.  This gave me the most incredible experience at working with all sorts or dogs with a broad range of breeds and temperaments.  All Alpha Trainees need to handle a minimum of 250 different dogs up at the training kennels.  I completed the 250 soon after joining as an employee and after that all the extra handling and training was a bonus.  After working with hundreds of dogs of all ages, sizes, and temperaments, I think that it is safe to say I have seen most of the behaviours that our dogs throw at us.

NO dog will be rejected by Beta Dogs on the basis of breed, age or temperament.  Dogs are born equal in their need for leadership and the desire to belong to a social group.  How a dog turns out is largely dependent on the training and socialisation that it receives. 

Beta Dogs Dog Training is fully insured, Council Registered and a member of the APDTA Australia


Private classes are held on site in the customer's home (for preference).  This allows us to train with the particular environment and distractions which the dog experiences in everyday life.  This might be children playing, nearby traffic noise, farm stock or pet chickens.  We can also work specific boundaries to teach the dog which gates and doors it may cross, and which it may not.  This is essential for dogs living in town or on country highway properties.

Private classes generally run for an hour and give you concentrated one-on-one tuition for optimum results.

Group Classes are held at Yuille Park Community College in Wendouree.  The school playground offers many distractions whilst the area is fully enclosed and gated to keep everyone safe.  Only fully vaccinated dogs are allowed on the premises, so puppies will have minimal chances of picking up any viruses from the hard paved surfaces.


The group sizes are kept small to make it easier for people and dogs to concentrate.  At the same time, our dogs learn to work around other dogs, to be interested but not overwhelmed.  This is true socialisation.

Casual Saturday Groups will be held in Ballarat on an ad hoc basis.  The locations can vary so keep an eye on the Beta Dogs Facebook Page  and on the bottom of the Home Page for accurate details.

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