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Your Choice Of Training

Beta Dogs Dog Training has been working with dogs of all breeds and temperaments for 17 years.  Our mission is to help dogs and their owners develop and maintain a positive relationship.

We offer Private Classes for personalised training, Group classes for teaching general obedience and behaviour shaping, and also Casual classes for socialisation and "top up" training for existing clients.

Private Classes
Private in-home classes allow us to devote our attention to you and your dog.  Working in your home environment we can structure your classes to your specific needs.
Private classes allow us to work around your timetable without locking you in to set days and times.

Some dogs, especially rescue dogs, come with behavioural issues, or develop these issues over time.  Beta Dogs has extensive experience working with all sorts of canine issues including anti-social behaviours, aggression, and anxiety Please contact us if you are worried about your dog.  We will do our best to help you.

Private session packages start at $420.00 for 4 lessons. Surcharges may apply for travel over 30 minutes beyond Ballarat. 

Contact us here to discuss your specialised needs.
Group Classes
Small Group classes are held in a safe and secure location.  Small group numbers allow us to give you the attention you may need whilst working with the distractions of real life and learning to socialise around other dogs.
Information on Group Classes
Casual Group Classes
Casual "drop in" classes will be held on an ad hoc basis.  These sessions are specifically  for current or past Beta Dogs customers, Lead The Way graduates and to dogs trained with Alpha Dog Training in Melbourne.
Keep an eye on the Beta Dogs Facebook page for details.
Location - Yuille Park P-8 Community College OR Ballarat Botanical Gardens.
The training method we use does not require pockets full of treats, clickers, whistles or check-chains.
Praise and pats are the reward we use for our dogs when they do as asked.  Our dogs learn to focus on the handler instead of food, and this strengthens the human-animal bond.

We do use a Training Head-halter or a Training collar as a means of physical control (essential with large breeds) and also as a means of communication via Contrast Effect.

If you opt for a training package or group class, the training halter or collar may be included in the costs.
Packages and Prices for 2023/2024:
​Beta Dogs offers three training packages which average a 10% saving over session-by-session costs:

* The Basic Dog Training package:  4 private lessons, one training halter ($420.00)

* The Basic Dog Booster package: 3 private lessons, 1 training halter, 6 Beginner group lessons ($500.00)

* The Good Dog Training Package:   6 private lessons, one training halter, booklet ($620.00)

* The Beta Dog Training Package: 6 private lessons in basic obedience, 6 group lessons in either Beginner or intermediate level obedience, one training halter, booklet ($760.00)

Puppy Group: $165.00
Beginner Group: $175.00
Intermediate Group: $175.00
Saturday Casual Catchup: $10.00

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