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Services and Prices

Beta Dogs Dog Training offers a variety of services in an effort to help as many people as possible.  The services are as follows:

Prices for 2022:

Initial Consultation:

Sometimes people are not sure if the training style is suitable for themselves and their dog.  Sometimes, as a trainer, we are not sure if we can assist or not.  By offering an initial consultation we can meet and work together and assess the issues and answer questions about the training and decide how to proceed.
$150 for an hour and a half consultation. (If you continue on to take a training package, the $150 is used as a deposit for the package chosen)

$110 per hour for additional individual, in-home sessions*

*Surcharges for private classes may apply for travel time longer than 30 minutes.

“The Basic Dog” package:

Covers the bare basics of training including Sit and Stay, Walk to Heel, Boundary setting, Come when Called.  

$425.00 for 4 private lessons and a training head halter*

“The Good Dog” package:

Covers the basics as described in "The Basic Dog" with two additional lessons covering Drop and Stay, plus a "Cafe Class" where we meet at Lake Wendouree (or similar high distraction location), work through the obedience, and finish with a coffee and your dog holding a drop by your side. 

$620.00 for 6 private lessons and a training head halter*

“The Beta Dog” full Training Programme package:

Includes the 6 lessons as described above for the "Good Dog" package, plus also 6 group lessons for

Intermediate level obedience, and 10 Saturday Casual Group sessions, and the training head halter.


$850.00 for the whole package as described.

Group Classes

$165.00 for Puppy Group ( Puppies from 8 weeks to 6 months of age: 6 lessons plus a training halter)

$175.00 for Beginner Group (Dogs 6 months of age and upwards: 6 lessons plus a training halter)

$175.00 for Intermediate Group (6 more-challenging lessons for dogs who have completed either a 6 week private course or the 6 session Beginner Group classes)



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