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For the past two years (or thereabouts) Lucky and Tiggy have been seeing Beta Dogs.

Lucky and Tiggy were adopted four years ago and while Tiggy needed basic training, Lucky came with a lot of baggage that we were not aware of such as fear aggression towards dogs and people, anxiety and a general lack of social skills which we later realised was a lack of trust because of his previous life experiences. We could not have him within 100m of another dog, even though he lives with Tiggy.

We tried other trainers which provided basic obedience, but not the skills he needed to be social and work through his deeper issues. We never thought we’d ever walk around our beloved Lake Wendouree with our beautiful dogs.

Lucky had great skills and behaviours at home and was a calm, "snugglydore". There was never a problem until he reached the fence line and the front of our property, then there would be a nervous and scared dog almost immediately.

We found Caroline from Beta Dogs and we had a plan and long road to resolve his issues. Her first meeting with Lucky involved leather gloves and it took half an hour to be able to be next to him because of his fear.

After this Caroline has given us the skills to read him and help him make better decisions. We have built trust with him and he looks to us for approval that he has behaved appropriately and what he needs to do next. He now has completed the basic training and intermediate training courses with Beta Dogs and walks the Lake every day past other dogs. He can even be social with other dogs after he gains trust in the other dog. Just last week after Saturday class he sat in a corner at Pipers Cafe surrounded by strange dogs . WE NEVER THOUGHT ANY OF THIS WOULD HAPPEN!

If we had not found Caroline at Beta Dogs we’d still have a scared, antisocial dog. We owe Caroline everything that he has become, and I could not recommend her more highly, especially with troubled dogs. She is amazingly brilliant! He’s not perfect but he now enjoys the outside world every day.

Lucky, Tiggy, Jen and Craig.


​​​Tim Tim and I were puppy school drop outs and on despairs doorstep. It felt like everyday his cheekiness was growing. Cat chasing, nipping, jumping, and increasingly ignoring my calls in the paddock. We tried other trainers but I dreaded every session (who knew a high pitched voice was essential in dog ownership) and it seemed to be teaching him MORE cheekiness. Things were looking bleak. Cue a friend giving us Caroline's number and saving Tim Tim and I from a lifetime of miscommunication.

Caroline has been more than great, I always look forward to our Monday classes and Tim Tim can finally understand what I'm asking him. One of the best things about Caroline is her non-judgemental teaching style. When I tell her stories of chasing the dog around the paddocks for 20 minutes nearly crying in frustration, she is able to workshop actual solutions and tell relatable experiences.

I highly recommend Caroline, and encourage anyone having doggo probbos to give her a call. Thanks Caroline!

Emilie Carey


Our Staffy Bronson needed a complete reboot. He showed aggression toward people he didn't know at times and we couldn't trust him with other dogs.
Since meeting Caroline and learning what she taught us over the 6 sessions, we now have confidence in ourselves and in him.
We take him for a walk instead of the other way around, people come to our door and aren't threatened by the mean Staffy barking at the door and we can even get him in a 'drop' for an entire brunch on the weekends.
We looked forward to every lesson and liked that everything that was taught was doable by ourselves.
I loved that Caroline loved Bronson and believed in the good in him and saw that there wasn't a bad dog there just parents who needed some guidance and tools!

Elizabeth Lee


We have just finished our sixth session with Caroline and I highly recommend her training. Caroline's passion for her job and her easy going nature makes each session enjoyable. Floyd is a changed dog, his behavior and attitude when on a lead and in particular around other dogs has dramatically changed, and in such a short time. I can now look forward to my time out and about with my furry friend! We are a happier household. Thank you

Stacey Lea-Gibson


Caroline is amazing :) Percy has come such a long way! It's hard to believe we only had a total of 6 hours of one on one training. With Caroline's guidance Percy has become a lovely well behaved little boy :) highly recommend Beta Dogs Training!

Prue Kelly


Flash and I have had four training sessions to date with Caroline. He has changed from the timid, fearful dog I adopted to a happier, more confident dog in such a short time. He continues to amuse and amaze me. I know Rosie, my other adoptee will also benefit from Caroline's excellent tuition.

Helen Vernon


Caroline was a great just six lessons our dogs are much easier to walk and better behaved around other dogs. Highly recommended!

Liza Raynes


Caroline was awesome. I could not be any happier with the progress we made with Marshall in such a short timeframe. I highly recommend this service to anyone. Thanks Caroline.

Jarrod Allan


Caroline a huge THANK YOU from Paul, Rosemary & Arkle for driving back & forth to Daylesford to share your expertise, wise practical advice & extensive experience with us. You’re an excellent dog trainer with a large innate knowledge resource who has given us the confidence we needed to train Arkle knowing we’re on the right track & doing the right thing by the dog. We’re looking forward to follow up classes down the track so will keep in touch.

Rosemary Anderson

Caroline will give you and your dog confidence. don't be too scared or embarrassed to make contact. She will give you tips and advice in a supportive and non judgemental way. One on one class is great value and you can still be out and getting your dog socialised at the same time. Highly recommended.

Lisa Cumming

Caroline is fantastic, we could see improvement with Chevy's behaviour even after the first lesson. He had been a spoilt little dog for 7 years who ruled the roost and was jealous of any other dog in site. He's now a calm little dog who aims to please us. Anyone who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks hasn't met Caroline 😊
Kriddy Blair

Contact Us at Beta Dogs if you'd like more information and some assistance.

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