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Where did this year go?

Here we are in October already, and well on the way to November. In 8 weeks school term will be over and the Summer holidays upon us. Before we all get into Holiday mode, it is worth thinking about a bit of Dog Training. Imagine having a well-behaved dog with you whilst you have friends over for a barbecue, a dog that comes when called at the beach, a dog that doesn't pester visitors, steal food, run out the gate. There is still time remaining for another term of Puppy or Beginner Classes. (see the Group Classes section on the website for dates and a link to the booking form) We have had so many wonderful group classes this year. Dogs of all sizes and personalities. All of them showed progress with their obedience and behaviour. It's such fun helping all of you.

As well as all the Group Classes, we have been very busy with Private Classes as well. I love this side of my work; travelling around to new places and meeting such interesting people and working with them and their dogs.

Additionally, this year Beta Dogs has been volunteering at Yuille Park Community College with their literacy programme. Indie the Border Collie goes in once a week to listen to kids read out loud. She loves these kids and gets very excited when we arrive.

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